Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce: Are You Taking Advantage of the Powerful Metrics it Provides?

How Does Enhanced Ecommerce Give You Extra Information?

Okay, so here is a very swift crash course. Call it my mini-guide to Enhanced Ecommerce, if you like.

Enhanced Ecommerce on your website will give you access to shiny new metrics and reports in the eCommerce section of Google Analytics.

Here is a diagram, by yours truly, that shows you all of the new metrics you’ll get. These metrics can be viewed at the site level, category level and also, on an individual product basis.

Path To Conversion

Product Impressions

Shows you how many times a product has been viewed anywhere on your site.

Product Clicks

Tells you how many users click a product on your site. This lets you compare product impressions against clicks to see your most attractive merchandise and poor performing products.

Product Detail Impressions

Learn just how many times tabular information on a product page is viewed and find out if your customers are viewing that warranty and product specification copy.

Add/Remove from Cart

This shows additions and removals from the cart. We love to supercharge this metric by combining it with product detail impressions. This means you can identify products that need warranties changed, product specifications that don’t meet user expectations or shipping options that don’t suit your customers.

Checkout Steps

The checkout behaviour report shows how successfully customers are moving through each step of your checkout flow. Look at this to identify problem areas and optimise your checkout process.


This classic Ecommerce metric shows you purchased products and their prices.

Enhanced Ecommerce Is Valuable, Agreed?

Good. So, what’s next?

I won’t lie. To install Enhanced Ecommerce you’ll need some budget for development. The good news is that many of the larger ecommerce platforms have plugins available that drastically cut down the development costs of Enhanced Ecommerce. Running a bespoke platform? You’ll need to build a solution that fits your site.

One fantastic feature of Enhanced Ecommerce is that it can be installed in parts. So, if you don’t have the budget to install all the metrics above, you can pick the order in which you add them. And as your agency partner, we can guide you through which metrics to prioritise to help shape your digital strategy.

Enhanced Ecommerce use is not widespread so we know installing it can give your site a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this also means that few developers have experience of installing and debugging it. It’s crucial that the data pushed to Google Analytics is accurate.

If you’d like more information on Enhanced Ecommerce and how to install and use it to push your online performance, get in touch. We have a wealth of experience installing and debugging Enhanced Ecommerce across platforms and we’re always happy to help.

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