Google Marketing Live Recap 2018

Google Marketing Live Recap 2018

Our key takeaways from Tuesday’s Google’s Marketing Live 2018

San Jose, California was the setting for the annual Google Marketing Live Keynote for 2018. Several Google Executives took to the stage to announce a number of new initiatives for the upcoming year.

The running theme throughout the event was machine learning. Namely, how Google is using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies to assist advertisers at each stage of the marketing process; from creation to optimisation and remarketing.

Responsive Search Ads

The big news around responsive search ads is the 90% increase in character limit, compared to regular expanded text ads. Responsive search ads can now show as many as three 30 character headlines and two descriptions, each can be up to 90 characters long. This totals a 270 character limit.

Advertisers can upload up to 15 headlines and four description lines, with Google encouraging variety and originality in all copy. From here, the machine learning system builds a responsive ad, showcasing different combinations of headlines and descriptions depending on what is most relevant to the search term.

Local Campaigns

‘Open near me tonight’ searches have recently multiplied tenfold. This statistic gives context to another new development from Google: local campaigns.

Local ads are shown on Search, Maps, places pages, Display and YouTube. The ads are generated automatically using ad creatives and location extensions, with the primary goal to drive in-store visits.

Smart Shopping

The shopping campaign setup will be made simpler for advertisers. New users to Google Shopping will now be able to create an automated feed straight from their website. Another exciting feature is the introduction of display remarketing, making it far more accessible and less daunting for advertisers to benefit from Smart Shopping.

Once the campaign is set up, there are a number of new goals for Smart Shopping to aid via optimisation, including driving in-store visits and new customer acquisition.

Cross-Device Reporting and Remarketing

Last but not least, cross-device reporting and remarketing. These features have been on advertisers’ wishlists for a long time. Now, within analytics, advertisers will get a full view of the customer journey and will be able to utilise cross-device remarketing lists.

Other Notable Announcements

  • Hotel ads
  • Maximise lift bidding on YouTube
  • Mobile landing page speed score
  • Smart campaigns for small businesses

You can watch the full keynote here.


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