Our 5 key values

At AGY47, everything we do as an agency is driven by our five key values. They inform every piece of work we undertake, from our client communications and strategies to our commercial growth plans and hiring policies.

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Deliver on our numbers

Exceeding client expectations and going above and beyond to get big results

Be responsible for client success

Conducting thorough channel audits We treat every client as if it were our own brand, and see it as our personal mission to help you succeed

Put the client first

From being transparent in our reporting process, to regularly communicating with you at every step, you are our priority

Be a great team-mate

Not only with agency colleagues, but with clients too. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and are there to support you in your role

Always strive for more

Implementing robust measurement strategies We’re never happy with ‘good enough’. We work hard to achieve more and operate in a culture of continual improvement

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