The results

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • 19% of viewers watched until the end of the ad
  • 87% impressions from Affinity interest targeting

The key problem:

Berghaus were looking for an expert agency that could unify their digital marketing efforts, ensuring that performance didn’t become stagnant. In an attempt to ensure the brand was always pushing forwards in the digital space, Berghaus and Silverbean looked to new and exciting methods. Working in collaboration with Google, we piloted their new Brand Lift scheme.

Who is the client?

Berghaus is a North East based outdoor kit specialist with over 50 years’ experience creating gear that is built to last and loved across the world. Berghaus know that great kit is the difference between simply enjoying the outdoors and truly loving it.

Core objectives of the campaign

  • Serve ads to users within the Berghaus demographic.
  • Build brand awareness, measured by ad recall.
  • Generate learning to take into future campaigns.

Our approach to the objective:


  • Develop video campaign.
  • Utilise different targeting options.


  • Affinity interest – Targeting users where their browsing behaviour suggests they have an involvement in our chosen targets, such as runners, outdoors enthusiast and winter sport lovers.
  • In-Market interest – This option targeted users whose browsing and search behaviour suggested they are in the market for associated product categories, such as Outerwear, Activewear & recreational equipment.
  • Topics – Targeting videos within relevant YouTube categories, such as ‘Outdoors’, ‘Cycling’ and ‘Hiking’.
  • Brand keywords – Users using YouTube search to look for ‘Berghaus’ terms.
  • Technology keywords – Users using YouTube search to look for Berghaus technologies; ‘GoreTex’, ‘Hydroshell’, etc.

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