Glasses Direct

Glasses Direct is one of the UK’s leading online retailers of glasses with hundreds of different products available to buy from their website. They have a unique offering which includes a try it at home scheme, whereby customers are able try on up to four different pairs of glasses at home, or alternatively they offer an augmented reality try-on service as well as regular sales and offers, making them one of the most competitive retailers in their market


The client approached AGY47 to breathe new life into their paid social media offering across Facebook and their family of apps and services. This involved a very short on-boarding period before the campaign needed to get going.

Their Facebook Ads account was stagnant, unable to grow in sales and spend effectively. They were generating sales, but no where near the volume they wanted or expected to see.

Core objectives of the campaign

The objective was simple – to generate 100-140+ leads a month from their Facebook channel and all the while increase brand awareness for Glasses Direct.

Our strategy:

  • Identify blockers in the customer’s route to purchase
  • Develop a conversion funnel to nurture new customers through to a sale

Our tactics:

  • Dynamic display remarketing campaign targeting basket abandoners from the last 14 days
  • Develop instant experiences and video content to present to prospective customers
  • Split tested 2 sets of imagery within the feed to measure which performs best
  • Remarket to prospective customers who have engaged with video content or instant experiences
60 %

Average sales per day

68 %

Return on ad spend

35 %

Cost per action

The results

This initial success has been highlighted by a 17x return on advertising spend, a 52% lower cost per sale compared with previous campaigns, in addition to a 35% drop in overall cost per link click. From a budget of just £10k for the month, the campaign generated close to 2k purchases which, with an average order value of £88, represented the most successful paid social campaign Glasses Direct have ever achieved with a purchase revenue of £170k in just one month.

Expanding the window to Facebook’s standard reporting the numbers were even better. Such was the strength of the campaign as a whole; every element of the campaign drove purchases and HomeTrial requests, not just the retargeting dynamic adverts.

There were also large conversion rates from the Instant Experience aimed at mid-funnel users, totalling close to 500 unique purchases and just over £40k in purchase revenue. These results were only bettered by a bespoke dynamic retargeting campaign aimed at users who abandoned their basket – the most engaged users throughout the entire campaign.

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