Journey Latin America

The results

  • Clicks to website increased 203% YoY
  • 9% Increase in enquiries YoY
  • 25% below CPA target

The key problem

Remaining competitive in the face of Brexit. The client wanted an increase in website traffic and conversions Year Over Year, although competition has been on the rise as more competitors enter the market every day, and consumers are putting off travel plans as we face Brexit and a struggling pound. Average travel CPCs are on the rise by 30-40% Year Over Year via Google Ads, which means even to maintain the same level of engagement and sales is going to take a greater budget.

Who is the client?

Journey Latin America are the UK’s leading specialist in travel to Latin America. Dedicating themselves to the region since 1980, customers experience something extraordinary during journeys crafted by travel experts with extensive first-hand knowledge of the region.

203 %

Increase in clicks to website

25 %

Below CPA target

Our approach to the objective:


  • Grow Brand Awareness and bring more people to the website
  • Achieve a target CPA of £80


  • Preparing realistic Projections using our own data, as well as data provided by Google. Knowing we would not be able to use the same budget Year Over Year and receive higher engagement in such a competitive climate.
  • Introducing Remarketing Ads via The Google Display Network to re-engage web visitors who have not enquired. Brand focused as well as the top priority destinations were featured in the creative and audience lists.
  • Aside from layering remarketing lists and adjusting bids in search campaigns that are destination specific, we also layered in In-Market Audiences for those looking for holidays in specific locations and modified bids on these audiences.
  • It sounds so simple, but ensuring all of our campaigns are running to Google’s best practices. Ensuring we are using the correct number ETAs and Responsive Text Ads, as well as extensions. This means that Google is more apt to show our ads, and show them for a potentially lower CPC. A few changes can make a *huge* difference in impressions, cost and engagement.

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