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Sequential Advertising: Tell a Brand story…

Introducing Sequential Advertising – For those who are unaware of what sequential advertising on Facebook involves,put simply it places a series of ads (can be images or videos) in front of customers in order to introduce a brand in an informative and engaging manner.

I am sure everyone has been there – a salesperson is trying to push a sale forward before you’ve even had a chance to check any of the facts and process the information. Well, if you are like us and countless others, this can be extremely off-putting, to the point where the purchase is abandoned altogether.

The world of online purchasing is no different. Which is why we’re on a crusade against Pointless Marketing.

Placing ads with a call-to-purchase in front of an audience who haven’t had a chance to process what the product is about is a sure-fire way for ads to be overlooked. Instead, it is far more effective to introduce a brand story to a customer gently rather than putting the focus on them to make a purchase immediately.

Luckily Facebook has come up with a clever way in order for marketers to achieve this….

The good news is that Google will notify webmasters via Search Console if their site is at risk, so there’s sufficient time to resolve any issues.

The 411 on Sequential Advertising

The Basics

Say a marketer has a series of 3 ads which are all designed to lead on to the next. Ad 2 will only be shown to those who have been exposed to ad 1 and so on. A typical sequence will move customers along the funnel in the following manner:

Ad 1 (Awareness) – Brand awareness e.g. gentle introduction to general business focus

Ad 2 (Consideration) – Product information e.g. learn more about the quality of the product

Ad 3 (Action) – Call to action for conversion e.g. shop our latest range

Ads delivered through sequence will increase conversions due to higher quality primed traffic.

The Benefits of Sequential Advertising

So in theory this all sound great, but where are the facts to back up these claims?

Well recent Adaptly and Facebook research has shown that sequenced ads can increase view through by up to 31% when compared to simply showing 3 ads with a similar message and call to action.

This also keeps the ads fresh in the eyes of the customer and will result in them being more receptive to the message.

And finally being able to target users across all devices is another massive bonus! For example, if a customer looks at the first ad in the sequence on mobile but then logs onto their tablet later, the second ad in the sequence will be right there ready to be seen and engaged with.

Sequenced ads can increase view through by up to 31%

How to Set Up Your Own Ad Sequence

There are 2 ways to set up a Facebook sequential ad. The first is to have all ads in one ad set and for Facebook to run the sequence for you. To do this you:

  1. Create a new campaign
  2. Select ‘Reach and Frequency’ on the marketing objective screen
  3. Choose your ad schedule and frequency, ensuring the frequency is high enough for you sequence to run all the way through
  4. Create your ads as normal in the same ad group
  5. Once created go to the ‘Ad Set Edit’ pane and select the ‘sequenced option’
  6. You can then reorder your ads into the desired sequence

The second method is with Facebook engagement audiences. An engagement customer audience is made up of people who have engaged with your content before on Facebook. You need to:

  1. Create a customer audience
  2. Choose ‘Engagement on Facebook’ as the type
  3. Next choose the source of engagement (either video, carousel or lead advert depending on what ads you are running)
  4. Select the level of engagement (for example choose how long someone must watch your video for to be included)
  5. Create new audiences for each stage of the ad sequence
  6. You will now have a number of audiences targeted to those who have engaged with the ad before them in the sequence

So there you have it, the ins and outs of sequential advertising on Facebook.

As you can see, there is real value in telling a brand story to customers and increase engagement and conversion rates from adverts. If you would like to know more get in touch!

And for other useful insights check out the other posts on the AGY47 blog, especially ‘how to use Facebook lookalike audiences’ which can be used alongside sequential ads in order to place them in front of highly detailed and targeted custom audiences.

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